Mission Wish List

As a new mission, we are committed to stretching every dollar to better bring the Gospel of Christ to our community.  Often people ask how they can help or what items specifically would benefit the completion of our worship space.  Our needs change from time to time, but this Wish List can be a starting point for anyone who would like to help us improve our worship area.  While these items will add to the beauty and utility of our worship area, your most generous donation will always be your prayers for this humble mission!

Dikiri/Trikiri - $180

Dikiri Trikeri candelabra. Used in Hierarchal Divine Liturgies. This is a pair (one dikiri and one trikeri) that has a height of 15 inches.

In relation to the bishop’s service in the Orthodox Church, the use of two special candelabra with which the bishop blesses the faithful also developed. One of these candelabra holds three candles (trikiri) (at right) while the other holds two candles (dikiri) (at left). These candelabra stand for the two fundamental mysteries of the Orthodox faith: that the Godhead is three Divine Persons; and that Jesus Christ, the Saviour, has two natures, being both perfect God and perfect man.  Available on Ebay

Processional Fans/Cross - $650

The Exapteriga sets Liturgical fan Sets are hand made with a representation of a six-winged Seraphim, the highest order of angel, mounted on a pole or staff for hand carrying.
The seraphim, according to Isaiah's vision of God, surround the throne of God in Heaven. The image of the seraphim is often engraved on a circular, usually metal, disk on the end of the staff.
Two fans are found in most Orthodox churches placed on either side of the tabernacle when not in the hands of servers. The fans are reminders that these same angels surround the throne of God on earth — the Holy Altar.
During the Divine Liturgy the exapteriga are used to accompany the Holy Gifts during the Great Entrance and the Gospel Book when brought out for the Gospel reading.  They can be ordered from here.

Liturgical Books


ECO-104 Gospel Resurrection sideGospel with Cover $895

This beautiful metal covered Gospel in the New King James translation will rest on our altar and be used to proclaim the Good News of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  You can order it here.  Your generosity will be remembered for generations in our Holy Temple.



If you would like to donate any of these items or other liturgical items, please visit with Fr. Irineos to be sure that the items are still currently needed and so that we may adjust our "Wish List" to reflect your generous donation.